The Firm

Our Commitment


We, at HECON, consider it to be our duty, as a law firm, to live up to our responsibilities towards our clients. We are distinguished by our policy of giving a priority to the priorities of our clients. We always strive to maintain a competitive edge in our ability to serve and when faced with a legal dilemma we leave no stone unturned in finding a solution to it.

Through our work, we have touched many lives bringing in rays of hope during the darkest hours. Our lawyers are constantly motivated for bringing out their best performance and contribute to the betterment of the society.

Likewise, we are aware of our responsibilities towards the society and therefore we have introduced a number of legal services to various categories of people who cannot afford such services. We also work in coordination with various educational institutions and provide training to many fresh graduate lawyers. We consider spreading awareness regarding the injustices prevalent in society and rights available against them also as one of our core responsibilities.

Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse workplace comprises individuals with unique backgrounds, characteristics and qualities. An inclusive workplace creates an equitable environment where individuals are respected and where they are welcome. HECON is committed to diversity and inclusion in all that we do.

Community Involvement

At HECON, we understand that community involvement isn’t just an activity: we are genuinely committed to improving our communities, investing our time, expertise and philanthropy to facilitate those improvements throughout the year.

Pro Bono

At HECON, there is a deliberate policy to make legal services available to all. This policy is rooted in our belief that as a law firm, the most useful contribution we can make to the society is to use our knowledge and expertise to make meaningful impact on the lives of the less privileged, the ignorant, by bridging the gap in access to rights, services and justice.

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